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Monday, September 28, 2015

Suter MMX500 2-Stroke Race Bike

The video after the jump surfaced on social media websites and we believe it shows Suter's upcoming track machine, the MMX500 we told you about on several occasions recently.
Suter initially said that the bike would be revealed on September 20th, but was delayed until the 29th. Suter even put up a dedicated microsite for this bike, but so far the info about the machine is scarce, to say the least.

All we know is that the MMX500 is supposed to replicate the GP500 machines of yore, with a V4 architecture, half-a-liter displacement and a peak power of around 200 horsepower. The contre-jour photo shows a carbon fiber fairing we sort of expect from each and every similar high-performance, small-run bike.

The spy video, even though it appears to be a bit "rigged", shows a neat silver-colored fairing for the Suter MMX500, which we were not expecting. Truth be told, we thought it would show up as a blackened, bare carbon beast, but it looks like we were so wrong.

Even so, some of the lines of the bodywork are pleasantly edgy, especially that running from the middle of the frame to the rear subframe, ending on the tail section. The MMX500 decals, the black graphic accents, and the Swiss flag tell us that the bike is in commercially-ready form.
There is no mention as to how many bikes Suter intends to build or hopes to sell, as there is no word on the price the MMX500 will be available for. We don't expect it to be anything near "affordable," but we certainly hope Suter has prepared a street-legal kit for it. Two-stroke and 200 hp sounds rather hard to get through the emissions test, but hope dies last.

Source: Autoevolution
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