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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kawasaki Z125 Wants to Be Honda Grom's Rival

Kawasaki Z125 is one of the newest machines that are expected to arrive from the house of Akashi. It doesn't take a Kawasaki specialist to understand the philosophy that motivated Team Green to build such a bike - the huge success of the Honda Grom opened up certain market possibilities, so here we are.

The Z lettering on the bike is also a good indicator of how the bike looks. The Z125 is a miniature version of the Z1000, retaining all the edgy lines and evil attire, if in a diminutive form. 

The Z family vibe may be a strong selling point for young riders dreaming about owning a Z800 or Z1000 one day. Still, the edgy design is an entirely different proposal from the Grom. 

Honda's monkey bike is, if you wish, a much more versatile bike, able to meet the demands of more customers. It blends in more styles into a coherent and successful recipe that will be hard to duplicate. And seeing the new Grom scrambler concepts makes replicating it even harder.

The info on the Kawasaki Z125 is very scarce so far, and this grainy photo is the only one that surfaced via the Thai website motorival. Kawasaki will most likely officially introduce the bike in Tokyo later this month and we'll take a closer look at it then.

As a Grom rival, the Kawasaki Z125 is expected to be available worldwide in 2016 and, therefore, be present at the EICMA show in Milan in mid-November. It will be funny to mount this bike given my stature, but I will do this nevertheless.

It's funny to see Kawasaki using what appears to be a two-up saddle on the Z125. Just like in Grom's case, two people would fit aboard this bike only if they are very small. The only use I see for the long saddle is to accommodate a backpack strapped to the bike, or the softer parts of bigger riders.

PS: How about Kawasaki adds a supercharger to the Z125?

Source: Autoevolution
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