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Friday, November 20, 2015

Custom Hero Impulse by Element8

The very nature of custom motorcycle building is that convention gets thrown out the window; convention is what the manufacturers make, what regular people like and what the normal rider owns. The custom world is about going where nobody has gone before and with his latest build Siddhant Shah of Element8 in Surat has done exactly that ~ he trimmed of a Hero Honda Impulse and….. hear it from the guy himself :

“Evance and I go way back and it would suffice to say that we spent our puberty hit years together. Although extremely quiet, he happens to be one of the more eccentric people I’ve met in my life. His Hero Impulse justifies that rightly so. He came to us with a tight budget and zero creative constraint. I’d take that any day over the other way around.

Dirt trackers were a style of motorcycles that evolved out of a style of racing where motorcycles mostly went sideways. The Impulse, although essentially a Splendor, shows true promise and character of being a proper off-roader. So the mission was simple: 1) Strip everything. 2) Slap an ultra lean tank on. 3) Voila, time to jump a few ramps. I wish.

We followed steps one and two on point. As we did that, we started to uncover the clutter under the layers and layer of plastic. As we set out to rearrange the electronics, filter we started getting a little crazy with the sub-frame. In the middle of a week long dilemma of wether we needed a tubing bender, Rameshbhai decided to go at the old-school way. And boy did he succeed. Also, the only part I CAD-ed was this funky little fender.”

Plot no. F-03 to F-06, Gem and Jewellery Park, Gujarat Hira Bourse, Nr. GIDC water tank, ONGC road, Ichhapore, Surat, 394510
Phn. : 0261-3097008
Email: element8machines@gmail.com
Photo and Info : Element8
Source: 350CC.com
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