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Friday, November 6, 2015

Ducati Scrambler 400 Spied

A bike that is believed to be the upcoming Ducati Scrambler 400 was caught out in the wild in Italy. The information about this model is scarce to say the least, as Ducati is unnaturally secretive ahead of their big event on November 16, before the EICMA 2015.
Some of the rumors saw the Scrambler 400 powered by a single-cylinder engine, but the bikes that were spied clearly showed an L-twin air-cooled power plant.

If anything, the engine of the Scrambler 400 looks very similar to those that used to power the previous generation of Ducati Monster. We cannot forget the old M400, and thinking about how the 803cc Monster engine powered the current Scrambler, the prospect of having another Monster mill used for a smaller Scrambler sounds just right.

The style remains intact, but the forks went traditional
The entire bike looks like a smaller version of the current Scrambler. The bike is targeting beginners, so the price is a major concern, therefore Ducati had to make some changes to keep the figures as low as possible.

We can see that the fork of the Scrambler 400 is a traditional one and not an upside-down unit, as the four initial Scramblers have. At the same time, the swingarm seems to be thinner, though the arched design is very similar to that of the Scrambler 800.

The exhaust is a temporary one, and the collectors routing is not mimicking the 800 bike. The headers are diving under the engine, coming together in a large can that sits in front of the rear wheel, and from which the final segment protrudes to the right side of the bike.

It's premature to make a call as to whether the Scrambler 400 is equipped with a catalytic converter or not. Anyway, if the exhaust retains the low profile and is not be replaced by a larger silencer, the Scrambler 400 will be a truly sweet presence.

We'll be looking out for more info on the Scrambler 400, as the moment of its unveiling is close so we can expect more spy photos to surface soon.

Source: Autoevolution
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