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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

‘Super Strange’ cafe racer on a Hero Honda CD100 !

Way, way back in the day, there were no real ‘go fast’ parts readily available. You couldn’t go to ebay or any of the thousands of online stores for hi-po parts. So people removed weight. They stripped off everything they could. This made the bike accelerate faster, stop sooner, and handle better….and this was the born of Cafe Racer! And for your information earlier those bikes were used to have a smaller cylinder in power. Even a 100 cc is pretty good choice for building a Cafe Racer!

“This is ‘Super Strange’ cafe racer, built on a Hero Honda Cd100, The bike was built for Mr. Mahesh from Pune. Built purely for fun! The build is based around the girder front fork, apart from that It features, Clip on handlebars, Multi spokes,disk-break setup, a brat seat and a whole load of quirk’s. All black is powder-coated. The Petrol cap was Hand etched to give an overall Old-School vibe!

Since the bike is overall lighter than a stock Cd100 its quicker and the front fork performs better than you’d expect! Client requirements were for a small, quick, light and easy to maintain motorcycle for short runs and this is what we did.”

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