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Friday, February 5, 2016

Auto Expo 2016 - The Motorcycle Show

The 2016 Auto Expo India, has been pretty much a damp squib as far as action around Motorcycles goes. With participants like Bajaj, Ducati, Harley-Davidson staying away from the event, most of the manufacturers relied on the number pullers rather than out and out performers - makes a lot of business sense, but is a an absolute waste of a platform that the Auto-Expo provides. No wonder Bajaj and Royal Enfield decided to respect that fact (and the money involved) and released Bajaj V and the Royal Enfield Himalayan outside of the Auto Expo, and made the right impacts and went cost effective.

While for the first day of the Auto Expo 2016, most of the manufacturers relied heavily of scooters (like Yamaha after their long "Performance" and "Innovation" opening speech) and small capacity motorcycle - like Honda Grom draped as s the Navi, and some upgrades like the Suzuki Gixxer SF getting Fi and Rear Disc, the kick was provided by Concepts like the TVS Akula 310.  

The second Day was considerably better with Triumph unveiling the 2016 Bonneville Street Twin and Yamaha releasing the MT09 (at the self imploding price point though).

One exciting scooter which we personally liked was the Aprilia SR150, which look gorgeous to say the least and shares it's mill with the Vespa - made in India for India, with an easily accessible price tag in mind (somewhere around INR 70k-80k)

Participants like the DSK Benelli showed some heart and gave us not one but four new motorcycles catering to most riding segments

All in all, as far as Motorcycles go, the Auto Expo 2016 has been pretty forgettable, with more exciting action happening out of it.

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