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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, RR : All For You For an Incredible Price at Big Boy Toyz

Yes. You heard it right. And there are no hidden costs or clauses. In fact Big Boy Toyz has been known just for this. Bringing you the best of supercars, the best of luxury cars at affordable prices. Of course the word affordable here is relative. But then you can get a Bentley for INR2.7Cr. which is much cheaper than what you can actually get from the Bentley showroom. Also a Lambo for less than 1.5Cr. No, there is nothing wrong with these vehicles.
Big Boy Toyz opened their mega four storey showroom at Gurgaon this weekend with a gala party that was one of the classiest affairs that I have been to in recent times. The showroom comprises of 3350 square metres of surface area that puts to shame the showroom of Ferrari in the capital. They can accommodate over 100 luxury supercars in their display area. That is bigger than anything you will see in the near future. The whole design of the showroom is futuristic, classy and future proof for a number of years.

The company maintains a rock solid performance of having 99% repeat customers with stringent quality checks. They have 151 quality checks on each vehicle irrespective of where the car comes from. All these aspects build confidence in their brand and speaks volumes of the kind of service they put into their products and their clientele.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited for the launch of the new showroom by Rohit Nagpal, Head, Brand and Marketing. The whole launch, besides the famous names that were present, was a delightful affair of subtle luxury. It was not the usual North Indian loud-mouthed affair of showoff. There was occasional jazz music, mixed with covers from the Beatles, great food, Champagne from Moët et Chandon, red wine from Chateaneuf du Pape from 2013, good sushi and so on. We hung around for a good 6 hours to soak in the ambience.

Excellent installations

Classy models. 

Mr Rohit Nagpal himself gave a us short insight into how to choose cars. We asked him what would be his favourite buy. He was quick to point out that it would be a Bentley. Why? A Bentley is a regular day to day use vehicle. It makes as much power as most supercars, is way better than an Aston Martin, technically, torque wise, power wise.
Mr Rohit Nagpal explaining the technicalities
In fact what we liked most about such a showroom was that the personnel were friendly, they knew their cars, they knew their engines and they could give sane technical advice to a genuine automotive enthusiast and not look like a complete duffer which is most of the time the case in other "luxury car" showrooms who are more busy showing us the colour of mats, the boot space and the power windows. Here Mr Nagpal was talking about the positioning of the filter with respect to the air-intake and how that improves or hinders torque induction. Also the personnel at BBT are amenable to discussion, have a friendly approach and build a strong relationship with you not matter who you are. It is a good step in the right direction.
Excellent BBT personnel eager to help
Overall it was an excellent experience. We would clearly urge our known friends to have a look at what BBT has to offer. How it is possible to own a real luxury car or a super car. BBT can make it happen for you. The launch showcased also how it can be done in a classy manner.
In stellar company of ace photographer Bobby Roy

Do we need to say anything?

Superb presentation

An evening of jazz
Text and photos: Ken. (Krishnendu KES)
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