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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Upgrade your car with cool and quirky accessories this Festive Season

The festive season in India has just started and it all starts by deep cleaning houses and making the house spick & span, followed by attractive decoration of the entire house. New clothes, gifts, and gadgets are bought for all family members to enrich the feel of festivity and to go with the bright festive look.   For a modern household, Car is an integral and beloved family member, why to forget your beloved car which is one of the most important partners in your daily life. Cleaning it from outside isn’t enough; you can choose to jazz it up with new accessories. There are a lot of quirky and cool accessories that you can choose to upgrade your car this festive season.
‘If it is the right seat, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it’
Your car seats majorly define your travel experience; a comfortable and cozy seat can greatly reduce your exertion during the journey. You can add-on to this comfort by choosing high-padding car seat covers that not only improves your sitting experience but also spices up the look of your car. There are a wide range of weatherproof fabric car seat covers available in car interior matching colors and a wide variety of design patterns. You can choose from Veloba Crescent, Denim Retro, Velvet King and Velvet Emperor range of seat covers that come with up to 21 mm of additional padding and are the coolest looking seat covers available in the market.
‘Style is a way to say who you are’
Car floor mats are much more than a utility by adding a sense of design to your car. 3D diamond is custom fit car mats and covers the car floor completely, not allowing dust to dirty your car floor carpet while adding style to your car by an attractive mix of colors matching car exteriors and interiors. Black & Red, Black & Silver, Beige and Black are some of the top selling color combinations. That’s not all you may also choose from the different verity of carpet and PVC floor mats or opt for the ultra-premium range of 5D mats available in multiple colors.
‘If it doesn't fit you must acquit’
They say that if something doesn’t fit in the room just dumps it in the trunk; same goes with your car if something doesn’t fit well in your car cabin you can just dump it in the car trunk. The only worry in extensively using the car trunk is to take care of its cleanliness and ensuring that it does not affect your trunk life.
‘Make it a lifestyle, not a duty’
Traveling should be comforted and not a hard duty that you need to perform by all means. You can add comfort to your travel by adding travel &lifestyle accessories like cool pads for car seats, cushions, travel pillow, neck pillow, lumbar pillow, adventure seat covers, pet seat covers, travel organizers, sunshades and much more available in the market to choose from.
This festive season while you are planning to sparkle up everything around you, do not forget your car to upgrade your car with cool and quirky accessories this Diwali.

Publication: MotorBash

Inputs By: Deepak Raj Singh, CEO, Elegant Auto Retail
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