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Saturday, December 22, 2018

2018 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin - Ride Impressions

Enough has been said about the 650 twins and I could not be wrong when I rode the GT 650.

Sajal has very well described his experience with the Interceptor 650 so I'll try to keep this short and sweet.


The GT 650 shares the same heart as the Interceptor and the engine feels refined and the fueling is spot on with no jerks and a smooth ride. 

It gives you a big smile when you fire it up and hear the twins cylinders come alive!!


This is where the GT is a little different from the Interceptor. Apart from the obvious color scheme, the slim cafe racer tank, the clip-on handlebar, the rear sets all takes you back to the cafe racer era.

You don't have anything like this on the road except for the Triumph Thruxton which is a different ball game altogether.


Thanks to cafe racer style the GT 650 does inspire confidence. The GT 535 was a gem when it came to handling and the GT 650 is no less. The new clip-ons not only help you push the bike but they also give you some comfort to your back.

The Pirelli Phantom do the trick and give you the good traction. Ask any biker and you would know that happiness is in the corner and having said that the GT slides it's way into corners and holding the line is easy, you do feel the weight but it is something that one would get used to. The breaking is spot on thanks to dual channel Bosch ABS.


The ride was an absolute pleasure and the GT 650 was spot on!! The 535 was not a great success for Enfield but the 650 is a different league altogether and only time will tell if it's able to make its mark.

Text and Images by - Sohib Solomon
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